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This is an article which ran in a local newspaper. It was written by Henry Holcomb himself and sent to me by a new cousin...

A little early history by, Henry Holcomb,
son of Asa and Mary H. Holcomb:
I was born in Shelby County, Tenn, Nov. 17, 1832. My father moved to Green County, Arkansas (now Clay) in October 1836. This section was then a wilderness. Our nearest neighbor was five miles, and next nearest nine miles. I wish to give you a few names of some of the oldest settlers who were here when Father moved here: Kennedys, Thomases, Tuckers, Jones, Duffs, Sims, McNiels, Edmonsons, Wootens, Freemans, Forrests. Those lived from nine to fifteen miles below on east side of Crowley's Ridge. They settled there about 1830 to 1833. Coming on up to where old Scatterville is, another settlement was made a little later. Coopers, Goldens, Shultzs, Hollis, Merediths, Nettles, Paynes, and Copelands. Coming across Crowley's Ridge near where Father settled with Johnsons, Harris, and Mores.
A little lower down on the west side of the ridge these people settled: Jas. Meredith and G.T. Bradshaw, and the BearKillers. Cliffords, Nutts, Winninghams and Joe Radford, the great cattle man with his two Indians (Corn Meale - Butcher Knife) to assist him in locating his cattle, and marking and branding them. I was married to Essenieth Forrest the 17 day of February, 1850, Elder Peter Nichols performing the ceremony. There was 11 children born to this union. She departed this life the 24th day of March, 1869. Married Sarah F. Meredith the 16th day of May, 1869. Elder Peter Nichols performing the ceremony, and let me remark, Brother Nichols married me twice, and baptized me, and I married him one time. Our time is getting short, both old and feeble, I in my 83rd year and my wife in her 72nd year. To this union there have been nine children born, a total of 20, and nine living.
I joined the Confederate Army in 1864, and was surrendered under Jeff Thompson at Wittsburg, Ark., on May 25, 1865. I have lived in Arkansas seventy eight years, and within twelve miles of where my father settled in 1836.
Elected and served as tax assessor four years. Attended eight circuit courts in succession at Gainesville. Knew nearly everybody that attended. I am a democrat and a Land Mark Missionary Baptist. Was baptized by Elder Peter Nichols July, 1852.

Henry Holcomb

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